All of our teachers are highly qualified. The majority enjoy years of experience teaching and caring for young children. Our lead teachers are VPK certified and have been trained in early childhood education. Our teachers continuously use different strategies in order to improve language development. They expose children to as many vocabulary words as possible to build children’s language skills. Strong language skills will allow children to effectively communicate any of their needs, wants or ideas. One of our main goals is that children have a strong foundation in language. This, in turn, will help to later reading success in school.



Frendolyn Mills

Director of Academics

Frendolyn Mills, fully certified VPK Director and teacher with over 20 years of experience in the field. She has implemented teaching strategies for our teachers such as Language Scaffolding throughout the day in the classroom, and Hands-on Learning Activities and continuous Assessments throughout the school year.

"I consider myself to be a compassionate teacher who is not afraid to always be learning and teaching. My motto is to educate our kids academically and give them the necessary social and life skills that will help them in the future. I like to help them understand that they need to be responsible and intellectually ready for life challenges".



Diane Vidaurre

Manager / Director of Education

Diane Vidaure has more than 35 years of experience in early childhood education.   She has obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in “Early Childhood Education  Leadership” with honors. She continues to work on obtaining her Masters degree in  Early Childhood Education.

“I provide a positive, cheerful, and creative learning experience in which children  develop into self-disciplined, confident, and seek to allow children to gain increased  awareness of themselves and of the world; to help support them in learning about  the processing in a variety of activities and skills that are focused to enhance  personal,physical, cognitive, and creative skills. I enjoy watching these precious  children grow into responsible, competent learners. My personal passion is to watch  each child learn and achieve”

Roseclay Martins

Roseclay Martins is expirienced, certified 3-4 year old and VPK Lead Teacher.

“My mother was a teacher… I followed in her footsteps and studied to be a teacher in Brazil. There I taught preschool all the way to 4th grade for 15 years! I really like kids and I like helping them grow academically.”




Donnamarie Tilligkeit

Donnamarie Tilligkeit is our 2-3 year old and Aftercare Teacher

"I started volunteering at a local preschool. The owner liked how I interacted with children and then she hired me initially to teach 2 year-olds and then later the 3-4 year old year old group. I worked there for 4 1/2 years. We had some kids with special needs and I really enjoyed working with them. I had a chance to develop strategies to help them recognize letters and colors and to help them improve their vocabulary. These are smart and talented kids. In the future I would like to study and develop myself professionally in order to teach VPK"



Roshani Bheecham

Roshani Bheecham is our Teacher Assistant for our 2-3 year-old class. She is very responsible and enthusiastic. When asked about her profession she answered:

“ I simply love children and also love to teach them life skills and academic skills so that can become good citizens in today’s very challenging environment.”





Andrea Kenney

Ms. Andrea Kenney has been teaching kids a year shy of 20 years and has been in Early Childhood for 16 years.  She strives "to make crystallizing moments for children in which they can nurture and grow these concepts, so they can remember and use them forever."



Monica Fermin 

Mrs. Monica Fermin has a bachelor’s in early childhood education and over eight years of experience teaching young children. 

​Mrs. Monica says​: "a good education is based on good values which children begin acquiring at home, and these values must be reinforced at School."