All of our teachers are highly qualified. The majority enjoy years of experience teaching and caring for young children. Our lead teachers are VPK certified and have been trained in early childhood education. Our teachers continuously use different strategies in order to improve language development. They expose children to as many vocabulary words as possible to build children’s language skills. Strong language skills will allow children to effectively communicate any of their needs, wants or ideas. One of our main goals is that children have a strong foundation in language. This, in turn, will help to later reading success in school.

Diane Vidaurre

Director of Academics, has over 30 years of experience in the field. She has implemented teaching strategies for our teachers such as Language Scaffolding throughout the day in the classroom, and Hands-on Learning Activities and Continuous Assessments throughout the school year.

I am always taking college courses that pertain to early childhood”.

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Frendolyn Mills

Frendolyn Mills is a fully certified lead VPK teacher with over 20 years teaching.

"I consider myself to be a compassionate teacher who is not afraid to always be learning and teaching. My motto is to educate our kids academically and give them the necessary social and life skills that will help them in the future. I like to help them understand that they need to be responsible and intellectually ready for life challenges".

Roseclay Martins

“My mother was a teacher… I followed in her footsteps and studied to be a teacher in Brazil. There I taught preschool all the way to 4th grade for 15 years! I really like kids and I like helping them grow academically.”




Cristhy Carcia

When asked why she became a preschool teacher, Miss Cristhy Garcia says:

“I feel when the kids are younger is when you have to instill values in them, values such as respect, kindness and responsibility. I also feel that when they are younger, it’s a bit hard at the beginning for them to learn on their own so they need a lot of support.”

Don’t let Miss Garcia’s youth deceive you for she already has experience and is quite accomplished in Children’s Education and Care. She has completed all the required DCF’s training, she has a Staff Credential and has worked with Special Need, Kindergarten and First Grade Children.