During the Covid-19 pandemic, the public schools are closed, LSA offers electronically and independent remote work time for elementary students, grades kindergarten through 5th grade that is monitored  by qualified staff. Here at LSA, we understand how difficult it can be for school age children. LSA promotes children’s emotional well being during these uncertain times. Also, each school age child is part of our “Science Project Program” which gives each child the opportunity to be creative and inventive with science. The following are the projects for this year:

a. Technology in our world.

b. Community helpers.

c. Recycle

d. Science and Discovery

e. Multicultural { also involves Social studies }.

LSA fully supports every child’s development and learning across all domains and content areas, to the extent possible, on site opportunities are prioritized. For further information or to schedule a tour at LSA, give us a call at 954-531-6836