Children are eligible for SUMMER VPK if born between 9/2/2013 and 9/01/2014 & for VPK 2019 – 2020 if born between 9/2/2014 and 9/01/2015. 


Start of the Programs:

Summer VPK – June 10, 2019

VPK 2019 – 2020 - August 14, 2019

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What is VPK? 

Florida’s Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program (VPK) allows every child who resides in Florida and attains the age of four years on or before September 1 of the school year to participate in a high quality learning experience at no cost to parents. VPK is a 540 (300 - summer) hours educational enrichment program preparing your children for school.

The Little Sunshine Academy VPK Curriculum is focused on:

     • Oral Language and Vocabulary Development

     • Print Awareness

     • Phonologic and Phonemic Awareness

     • Alphabetic Knowledge

     • Physical Health

     • Approaches to Learning

     • Social and Emotional Development

     • Language Communication

     • Emergent Literacy

     • Cognitive Development

     • General Knowledge and Motor Development

Our VPK program is developed according to Florida VPK Performance Standards.

After VPK program your child should be able to:

     • Knows First and Last Name

     • Knows Age

     • Follows One Direction

     • Follows Two Step Directions

     • Identifies Rhymes

     • Identifies Letters

     • Recognizes Own Name

     • Writes Own Name

     • Identifies Parts of a Book

     • Imitates Reading


Little Sunshine Academy is a preschool. Not a daycare. What is the difference?

Our preschool facility is focused on child enrichment programs for children from age of 2. Programs are developed around different educational theories. Parents can drop off their kids for specific hours for the day or can choose to leave their children with us for full day. Extended hours for VPK children are also available. 

A typical daycare center accept infants as young as 6-8 weeks old as well as children up to usually 10 years old but tend not offer enrichment programs that can help your child’s growth and development.

In Little Sunshine Academy we are focused on enrichment and development!



We do not have any supply fees, no hidden fees, no gimmicks!

Additionally we offer FREE nutritious and balanced meals during the day - breakfast, lunch and snacks.

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